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Waterloo Region Cohousing Project (WRCP) is a group of people creating a sustainable cohousing community in the Waterloo Region in Ontario, Canada.


Our plan is to build 20-24 tightly clustered homes and a Common House, combining the advantages of privacy with shared common facilities. It will include parking on the periphery and shared outdoor spaces, resources, and activities, including meals and celebrations.

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Recent Blog

S.E.E.D.: University of Waterloo Hears about Cohousing

Group of Masters students made a video of our cohousing meeting.  Learn more about us and see us in action: 


We're Officially Incorporated - August 2021!

We're ready to do business together as a community.  This means we can buy land/property/building and get this party started!

Monthly Zoom Personal Potluck (you feed you) and Cohousing Conversation about WRCP

WRCP holds a monthly Zoom Personal Potluck (you feed you) and enjoy the company of other WRCP members and learn about the project!

Write to waterlooregioncohousing@gmail.com for the Zoom link.

WRCP Meet-Up and Information Sessions

See if we are the right group for you, meet our members, learn about our project.

Please write to waterlooregioncohousing@gmail.com for more information.

Our Vision

We envision courageous, innovative communities in which people actively care for each other and the environment.

Our Mission

We are building a sustainable, intergenerational neighbourhood that is socially and economically inclusive, we positively engage with each other and the wider community.

Guiding Principles
  • Sustainable

  • Inclusive

  • Budget Conscious

  • Participatory/Engaging

  • Innovative/Dynamic