Upcoming Events

Come join us and see what we're all about.  Please note, there are different types of meetings, most are open to the public, however some are orientation sessions specifically for people thinking about joining or interested in learning more, some are working meetings (all can attend, but participation in rounds and decision making is only for members) and there are members only meetings.  For more information about us, please contact waterlooregioncohousing@gmail.com.


Neighbours commit to being part of the community for everyone's mutual benefit.  It cultivates a culture of sharing and caring. The design of the neighbourhood promotes frequent interaction and close relationships.


Cohousing neighbourhoods are designed for privacy as well as community.  The residents balance privacy and community by choosing their own level of engagement.


Decision making is participatory and at WRCP this is done by Sociocracy, this is similar to consensus (which is how many other Cohousing projects make decisions).