Our Members

Meet the members of our intentional community

Wendy Pearle and Al Parrish, cofounders

Cohousing makes sense to us. It truly takes a village. We've lived in cohousing in EcoVillage@Ithaca and miss it very much.  We have 4 "kids": only 1, our 15 year old son Ashton, lives at home. Jessa's in university, Alicya is married, lives in TO and has a son. Mark is married, also lives in Toronto and has 2 daughters.

Wendy: I am a life-long learner, using what life offers to learn and grow. I am a mother, partner, friend, midwife and dog owner. I love music (especially live), I play the piano, banjo and guitar in my living room - maybe 1 day in public. I love to laugh and enjoy good conversation. I try new things like music sewing, gardening, cooking, hiking and outdoor activities.

Al: I am a husband, dad, brother, grandpa, uncle, cuz, musician & broadcaster. Living in Ecovillage@Ithaca, I became a big believer in the value of community. Why am I part of this community? I believe that we really want to know our neighbours, for a closer, more intentional connection and commitment. That's 

what we're creating. I look forward to the process and the goal.


I work at University of Waterloo.  My volunteer activities include Habitat for Humanity, Food Bank of Waterloo Region, and Girl Guides of Canada.  

Gary Clark and Kathy Douglas

We are relatively new to this group and are thrilled about the prospect of living in community with the folks that have been working on this project for several years. We are both employed by the United Church of Canada. We have adult children and grandchildren who we hope will visit us and have a chance to be in relationship with the others in the co-housing project. Gary enjoys playing guitar and is a member of several service groups. Kathy is passionate about cooking and especially cooking for a group. We both care deeply about the environment and wish that to be reflected in the design of the project.

Judy Cantwell

With various experiences of community behind me, such as co-op housing and intentional faith –based communities, I am delighted that I discovered this group at a perfect time:  just three years ago I moved to Waterloo region, and have recently enter that “empty nest” stage of growing up:  I have four adult ‘kids’ in their twenties, following their own adventures across this country. I am a social worker, focusing on community work in neighbourhoods, across cultures and identities. I am idealistic and optimistic:  I persistently choose to dream of a society where (child) poverty would be a shadow of a memory. I am inspired by the tireless work of advocates for social justice. I hope I can live simply do a little good,   with other change makers I meet along the journey. Alone,  I fear I can’t confront the ‘isms”  of our struggling world, but in community I feel empowered

Anne Wright-Gedcke and Mark ​Gedcke

Mark: I am enthusiastic about singing, playing the guitar, swimming, curling with Anne, walking in the woods, being a counsellor at Shalom Counselling Services Inc.  I am grateful to be part of Waterloo Co-housing because of friendships, sociocracy, the goal of living lighter and with compassion in community.

Anne: I was inspired to explore co-housing by my niece, a resident of Vancouver Cohousing, as one way to live into values of community and sustainability. I work for a local supportive housing agency, and enjoy canoeing, curling, playing squash and singing with the Inshallah choir.   I also enjoy cooking Sunday dinner for my young adult children (Ruth and Richard) and other family members, and look forward to cooking in the co-housing common kitchen one day!

Our Vision

We envision courageous, innovative communities in which people actively care for each other and the environment.

Our Mission

We are building a sustainable, intergenerational neighbourhood that is socially and economically inclusive, we positively engage with each other and the wider community.

Guiding Principals
  • Sustainability

  • Inclusivity

  • Budget Conscious

  • Participatory/Engaging

  • Innovative/Dynamic